Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal

 Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd set of molars. These teeth usually erupts in your mouth between seventeen to twenty five years of age or even later in few cases.

Why should you get rid of Wisdom Tooth?

They do not cause problems as long as they erupt in the accurate position. Nevertheless, if there is no adequate space for teeth to erupt in, in case they are unable to erupt completely through the gums or in case they are impacted or are trapped in your bone, your wisdom teeth removal may require to be extracted surgically:

In addition to this, following issues may take place:
Tooth decay (dental caries): When the decay is more , then it results in cavities in your wisdom teeth that affect your general oral health.

Periodontal disease Treatment: Periodontal or gum disease occurs by the toxins released from the plaque bacteria which irritates your gums as well as makes them painful and inflamed. They also affect the neighboring teeth and gums in the region of your wisdom teeth removal sushant lok.

Gum ailment: Gum ailment can also affect the nearby teeth and the bone in the region of your wisdom teeth Extraction.

Pericoronitis: When plaque results in infection of the soft tissue /gums which surrounds your wisdom tooth, it leads to inflammation and pain in the affected area.

Cellulitis: It is a bacterial disease in the cheek, tongue or may involve throat in severe cases, which may result in choking.

Abscess: This happens when pus accumulates in your wisdom teeth or the nearby tissue because of a bacterial dead cells and infection spreading peri apically.

Cysts as well as benign growths: It is a very uncommon and results when wisdom tooth has not erupted through the gums.

Procedure of painless wisdom teeth removal

It is done by an experienced dental surgeon at our center. The treatment of wisdom tooth extraction does not takes much time , however, it depends on the difficulty of the case in addition to the clinical skills of the dentist.

The course of action of wisdom teeth removal is as follows:

The wisdom tooth extraction takes around an hour time.

Initially, the dentist or the oral surgeon injects anesthesia to the patient’s involved wisdom tooth region. It could be local anesthesia, IV sedation and in unusual cases , general anesthesia. Local anesthesia block is typically given to the patients for wisdom teeth removal.

Subsequently, the surgeon gives an incision in the region of the wisdom tooth and begins extraction. The surgeon needs to carry out the surgery depending on the angulation of your tooth , depth of tooth inside the bone and finally removing the tooth from the patient’s mouth. The bleeding is controlled through the help of medications as well as gauge packs , followed by post extraction protocols to be followed by the patient. With time, bony and soft tissue healing fills the extraction socket.

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