General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Regular checkups will help you maintain excellent oral health. We offer you and your family general dentistry services.


Esthetic Dentistry

People are learning that a healthy attractive smile can provide self-confidence and open doorways in both their personal lives and careers. A beautiful smile is always in style. If you are unhappy about your smile you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of smile enhancing dentistry.


Dental Implants

The loss of one or more teeth can have a major impact on the function and shape of your mouth, as well as the appearance of your smile. Dental Implants are placed during a simple and short surgical procedure done under local anesthetic to restore smile and appearance.


Kids Dentistry

There is a significant value for early well baby dental checkups. In particular,checkups for very young children address many concerns including teaching adults how to care for their child’s teeth and gums, how to help their children learn to care for themselves, answering parents questions and concerns, and planning for future dental health.


Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is when the nerve inside the tooth, also known as the pulp, is infected from erosion of the tooth enamel. An infection inside the tooth is not treatable. However, the Dentist can clean out and fill the root. Proper brushing, flossing and regular visits to your Dentist can help avoid the symptoms of an infected root.



We use the most advanced orthodontic/orthopedic approaches to treat our patients. We pay attention not only to the alignment of the teeth but also to the health of the muscles, ligaments and bony structures to maintain long term stability and health in the entire dento-facial apparatus.