Full Mouth Dental Implant with Muskaan

 Full Mouth Dental Implant with Muskaan

Conventional complete or partial bridges and dentures filling mouth gaps were considered as the fine options for teeth replacement process. However, with several strides in dental science advancement, the option of dental implant has come into existence. As a normal tooth has a root, pulp or dentin as well as crown, a dental implant features 3 components which start with the placing of a titanium screw into the gum along with jawbone to act as fresh tooth “roots.” While the jawbone and gum heal and the receiving of the titanium root, an abutment or else connector sets in position atop the titanium screw. The final component, the new tooth crown goes into position. The result is an everlasting new tooth as stable as a normal tooth for chewing all kinds of foods without worry.

We can consider the following benefits which make full mouth dental implants a commendable alternative to the customary bridges or full dentures to fill the gap from absence of teeth.

Safeguarding of adjacent teeth

Full mouth dental implants stop the remaining natural teeth from shifting as well as causing misalignment problems through one’s bite in addition to save the wear and tear on neighboring teeth need trimming for a bridge or else denture which does not have a root to connect to these natural teeth. When normal teeth pull double-duty in supporting bite pressure of the synthetic denture along with bridge, the result is a declining of the natural teeth.

Maintenance of bone structure

Gums hold up people’s natural teeth, which take delivery of support by the bone found beneath the gum known as the jawbone. While tooth loss takes place, the bone loses strength, this brings about facial constitution changes as the jawbone height shrinks, which effects in corners of mouth and cheeks to sink as well as sag. A full mouth dental implant as lasting as natural teeth roots stimulates the bone inside the jaw and provides firmness to the artificial tooth crown.

Advanced success rate

The strong point of the titanium dental implant is in the bone as well as gum which grow around this implant material. Implants do not require the periodic replacing that typically comes with dentures or bridges. By means of proper oral hygiene since one would do with normal teeth, a full mouth dental implant can last up to thirty years.


This is an advantage everyone seeks. At the same time as the cost might bring indecision at first, patients require to remember that price is a one-time charge that outcomes in several years of comfort as well as use.

In case, you are hunting for a reliable dental implant procedure then, please feel free to contact us immediately. The labor of vast search shall definitely receive its fruit.

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